Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform for You

If you have heard about blogging and if you are thinking of starting up a blog or a website for yourself, WordPress is the name that you might have already heard. If not, here I am going to tell you Why WordPress is the best blogging platform out there for you.


Though there are a number of blogging platforms out there on the net, WordPress is the one that powers more than 24% of websites in this world, a number that is rising every day.


According to the reports by Internet Live Stats(a website that records every website that appears online), more than a 100 crore websites, yes that’s  9 zeroes following a 1, existed on the net by the month of March in the year 2016.


Therefore, about 24 crore websites today are being run on WordPress. There are more than 76.5 million blogs powered by WordPress and about 50,000 new WordPress websites  add up daily to the online world.


These stats pretty much prove that WordPress is one powerful solution to start a blog with.


Definition of WordPress


“WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool powered by PHP and MySQL.”


Its roots go back to 2001 when it was a “b2 cafelog” launched by “Michel Valdrighi”. In 2003 “Matt Mullenweg” and “Mike Little” forked “b2 cafelog” and created WordPress. WordPress is powered by its parent company “Automattic”. Since its first release, it has become a much more stable and mature product now.


Who uses WordPress?


As I mentioned earlier, more than 24% of the websites in the world use WordPress as the backend of their website, including WebbyCrux, some of the famous websites that are powered by WordPress include:


  1. Blogs like “Mashable” and “TechCrunch”.
  2. News outlets like “The New York Times’ blogs” and “CNN’s on-air personality blogs”.
  3. Websites of celebrities such as “Katy Perry”, ”Usain Bolt”, ”Snoop Dog”.
  4. Website of one of the most famous game of its time “Angry Birds”.
  5. “Forbes” magazine has its name on the list too, and the list goes on and on.


You can analyze the popularity of WordPress from these examples. Even the non-technical celebs are running their websites on WordPress, what more than this to prove the simplicity of WordPress in operability.


Other than blogs, WordPress can be used to create many other types of websites such as Directory Websites, Portfolio Websites, Ticketing System and so on. So, if you have any other thing planned for your website than a blog, WordPress will support you with it.


Advantages of WordPress


Some of the advantages of WordPress are:


  1. It is easier to operate.
  2. It supports adding functionalities to your blog through plugins.
  3. It allows you to change your blog design easily through themes.
  4. It makes Search Engine Optimization(SEO) simple.
  5. You can set up an e-commerce on WordPress.
  6. It provides great media management.


One of the main reasons of what makes WordPress the most loved CMS out there is the flexibility of adding extra functionality through the use of plugins and the possibility of quick design changes using themes. Let us understand more about WordPress Themes and Plugins.


WordPress Themes


One of the most astonishing features of WordPress is that it is backed up by a huge community of freelance designers, developers and WordPress development companies that offer free and premium WordPress themes.


All of us want our website to have a great look and feel, should be easy to navigate with and leave a good impression on our visitors. This is the place where WordPress themes come to rescue.


Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform


Anyone can download WordPress themes for free from official WordPress repository, 3rd party Websites or by paying a little for premium themes. With a few clicks you can change the design and look of your theme. As I mentioned above, WordPress can be used to create a blog or a website, and the themes makes it really easy for anyone to start a website with almost no coding knowledge.


WordPress Plugins


Plugins extend the core features of WordPress software. They help in adding new features to your WordPress powered websites, and there is a WordPress plugin for almost everything. You want to show related posts in the sidebar or below your posts or you want to add your bio in the sidebar or a may be social media follow links, there is a plugin for every single task.


Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform


For almost any extra functionality you can think of adding to your blog, there is a plugin already available for implementing it.


WordPress Support


WordPress is now a more stable and mature product and what made it so is the WordPress Support. WordPress is backed by a large community of people from all over the world that help many others with their WordPress related problems. You can start a thread and someone will reply to your thread with a solution. This is another reason why WordPress is the best blogging platform out there.


Compared to other blogging platforms out there, you will get fast solutions to any problems you post in their support forum as there will be millions of people to help you through it.


These three reasons along the other advantages mentioned at the top are the reasons why WordPress is the best blogging platform for you. If there is some other reason you like it for your blog, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to comment or drop a mail.

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