How to Setup and Activate Akismet Plugin in WordPress?

Akismet Plugin is one of the best anti-spamming plugins available in the market , not only for WordPress users but even for those who are using other content management systems. While it is mostly used on the WordPress platform but it supports a variety of other platforms such as Drupal, phpBB3, or Joomla.


In my article on , What is Akismet and Why Should you Use it on Your Blog, I have talked about the various features this plugin provides and the amount of burden it lowers down from the shoulders of the blogger who had been a victim of comment spam and had to waste a large amount of his time in moderating comments.


How to Setup Akismet Plugin?


The setting up of Akismet Plugin, like any other plugin, requires it to be installed on your site. You can do this simply by heading to Plugins>>Add New option.


search plugins


Search for Akismet in the search box , followed by clicking on Install Now Option for the plugin.


install akismet


The page you are now redirected to will look something as follows :



Click on the Activate Plugin option on this page.


After this step, move on to your installed plugins page in your WordPress dashboard and look for the Akismet Plugin among all the installed plugins.


akismet description



Click on the Activate Button to start activating it for your blog.


Next, you will see an option to activate your Akismet account. Click on this option.


activate akismet


You will see a page like this :


Akismet API


In order to set up Akismet on your blog, you will need an API Key.


If you have an Akismet API Key then you can enter it manually. If not , then you will have to sign up for an Akismet API Key. You can do this by clicking on “Get your API Key” button.


Click on “Get Started” button to get one more step closer to getting your API key.


akismet get started


Next, you will have to sign up for Akismet, if you don’t have a account.


If you do have a WordPress account you can skip this signup and click on “ I already have a account!”


In both the cases, you have to login into the account. You must be wondering as to why do I need a account and what does it have to do with Akismet?


Actually, Akismet  is one of the product among the suite of products made by Automattic, the company that runs They have determined that a unified user account system is a necessary step toward getting seamless payment and functional integration across all of their tools , all this to best serve their growing number of customers across the company. So signing in to is a necessary step to activate your Akismet account.


Now , after logging in to the account, you will be on the Akismet Plans & Pricing Page.


akismet plans and pricing



Akismet provides you with 4 plans with varied feature access. You can use them depending upon the site you have. Now let us talk about getting free Akismet API Key.


How to Get Free Akismet API Key? provides free Akismet API key for personal sites and individual blogs.


Click on the GET STARTED button under the Basic Plan to get free API for your blog. The page that you will open up will ask you for your payment and contact details. You might be wondering, I just wrote about getting the free Akismet API key so why is the page asking me for payment.


akismet payment page



Here is the trick, you will have to move the slider to the right of the page from $36 to $0 , i.e. , drag the slider towards the left. Now you will see the page asking you only for contact info and no payment details.


akismet free api




Enter your contact details and click on CONTINUE. You will now be directed to you Akismet account dashboard.


You will be welcomed by a popup describing that you are trying to add a site, approve this process and you are good to go. Akismet plugin has been activated on your site.


If the popup doesn’t appear, you can view your Akismet API key from you Akismet dashboard.


akismet dashboard



Click on the “eye” icon at the extreme right of AKISMET API KEY field in order to view your API key. You can then manually go back to your WordPress dashboard. Head over to the installed plugins page, click on activate button for Akismet again and enter your API key.


You can also add your site directly from the page shown above, by clicking on “Add Site” button and hence the Akismet plugin will be activated for your site.

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This was all about how to setup and activate Akismet on your blog. I hope this helps you protect your blog from being a victim of comment spam. If you still have any query, let me know via comments. I will be happy to help.



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