What is Jetpack and Why Should you Install it At Once?

As we all know, there is a WordPress plugin for almost every task that we wish to perform on our WordPress powered blog, but installing a lot of plugins on your website leads to increase in page load times(as they take space) and hence decrease the performance of your blog in terms of SEO (Google has considered page load times to be an essential requirement for ranking sites in SERPs).


What is JETPACK?


To prevent your blog from ranking low in search engine rankings by installing several plugins for various purposes, today I am going to tell you about a plugin named “JETPACK” which has so much to offer within it that it is also sometimes called as the “Mother of All Plugins”.


It has been given this name because of a large number of features that it provides and that too for FREE!!! Yes, Jetpack is a plugin you don’t need to pay for.


This is a plugin developed by to let users increase their traffic, view site stats, speed up their site, protect themselves from hackers and many more features.


Why Should You Install JETPACK At Once?


As I have used the term “Mother of all Plugins” for JETPACK, following are the features it provides that justifies its name:


  1. Traffic Growth and Insights


You can use Jetpack to view the traffic stats of your site and it can also be used to get more traffic by the use of various tools that it comes loaded with such a Related post, publicize, enhanced distribution and sharing.


  1. Security


It can be used to protect your site from the hack attempts. It also monitors your site for when it goes down and can notify you about that by mail. It also keeps your plugins updated.


  1. Reduced Bandwidth usage


Jetpack uses the global Content Delivery Network by to automatically optimize and speed up images. This results in reduced bandwidth usage that even helps reducing hosting costs as the load on the server decreases.


  1. Easy to Manage and Deal With


Jetpack comes with a centralized dashboard on that helps to manage the functionalities offered by the plugin such as managing menus, publishing posts etc. a lot much easier to deal with.


  1. Customizing your blog


Jetpack provides various other features such as Custom CSS, Contact Forms, Galleries and Carousels, Notifications and Subscriptions, Configurable Widgets, responsive mobile theme for small screen sizes and much more that lets you customize your blog the way you want.


  1. Spelling and Grammar Help


Among all the bloggers out there, some are great content writers while some pursue blogging to improve their writing skills but there’s always room for typos, but, you can use Jetpack to help you avoid embarrassing grammar and spelling mistakes.


Once you’ve finished writing a post, click the highlighted button to review your post:




It enables you to proofread your post for the following grammar and style rules:


  1. Bias Language
  2. Clichés
  3. Complex Phrases
  4. Diacritical Marks
  5. Double Negatives
  6. Hidden Verbs
  7. Jargon
  8. Passive Voice
  9. Phrases to Avoid
  10. Redundant Phrases


All the features this plugin has to offer, makes it irresistible for bloggers to install.


Read this : How to Setup and Activate Jetpack?


I hope this post helps you in deciding why should you install this plugin at once and use it for the benefit of your blog.

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