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How to Install WordPress through CPanel?

The following is the tutorial on How to install WordPress, the biggest software ever for noncoders for making a successful blog of your own.

Well, for the people who are currently unaware about WordPress, following is a small description of what WordPress is.

Short Info about WordPress:-

WordPress is a script (or you can say a software) which is installed from the cPanel of your website, that is, installed at the backend of your website to design, run and update your blog without any coding. Approximately 25% of all the websites in the world are being run on WordPress. There are more than 76.5 million blogs powered by WordPress and about 50,000 new WordPress websites are added daily to the online world.

So as you are now aware of the power and popularity of WordPress around the world, let us start with the tutorial

How to install WordPress in only a few steps in cPanel with Softaculous?

Note: Not all web hosts use cPanel, and even some cPanel hosts don’t offer Softaculous.  Softaculous also works with other popular website control panels, so check with your hosting provider if you cannot find it.  Otherwise, you can install WordPress manually via FTP.

Step 1:- After you have your cPanel details in your e-mail inbox, click the link to your site’s cPanel provided to you in the mail (or it will be commonly where you will be asked for your username and password.

cPanel login, install wordpress

Step 2:- Enter the username and password provided to you in your email and login to your website’s CPanel.

Step 3:- On the home page scroll down to the bottom and look for Softaculous apps installer or ‘Wordpress’ under the ‘Scripts’ heading of Top Applications and click on it.

worpress script

Note: If your host doesn’t offer Softaculous, it may offer another installer in this section, though it may work differently.

Step 4:- When the WordPress page shows up click the install tab.

install wordpress

Step 5:- Now fill in the details for setting up your WordPress account and finally click install.

install wordpress, wordpress form

The new page shown up will provide you the administrative URL for working on your blog and hence updating it as per your will.

That’s all for setting up your WordPress account using CPanel and hence start blogging.

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