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What is Comment Spam and How Can It Affect Your Blog?

For almost every blogger , the most irritating thing he experiences while maintaining his blog is to spend a lot of time deciding which of the comments are legit and which are spam.


It has become a common phenomenon that more a blog is growing, more will be the number of spam comments being posted on the blog , all in order to engage with your content.


Spam Comments are comments that are usually accompanied by a link in the comment box that redirects your visitor to a questionable site.


Usually , newbie bloggers on receiving comments from any source consider them to be genuine , as most of the time, they are shaped to praise the blogger and the content and end up eventually approving them . Also in order to increase the number of comments , some bloggers approve even those comments that they feel might not be legit. Such bloggers then become a victim of comment spam.


How can Comment Spam Affect your Blog?


Comment Spam can affect your blog in the following ways:


  1. Ruins your Image as an Authority Blogger


The visitor on your website trusts you to monitor the links that you approve to be viewed to your audience. He/She trusts you to always provide links to those sites that may serve useful for him/her, but if you do allow spam comments on your blog and your visitor reaches the spammer’s site, your image as an authority blogger is ruined as you can never be trusted again to be always providing useful content to your audience.


  1.  Decline in your Search Rankings in SERPs

Google punishes blogs that link to poor-quality sites and if you are allowing the bots to crawl those links your website rankings may get affected. Even if you are using a nofollow tag, google will still track down where the link is going and may react in terms of your loss in rankings.


The spam comments on your blog may be redirecting your visitor to a site filled with malicious malware which may affect your visitor’s device.


  1. Spam Comments Affect the Design of your Blog


Imagine the amount of time you spend on your blog to look neat and professional, trying to serve as an authority for your readers but then you have spam comments on your blog . They can give the feel of a rotten fruit in a basket full of nutritious fruits to your readers if your posts are littered with spam. This leaves an impression on your visitors that no one is actively taking care of it which seems really a careless and an unprofessional practice.


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I hope this article helps you to understand the dangers of being a victim of comment spam and why should get rid of it. In case of any query, feel free to comment.


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