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How to Check If Your Site Is Indexed on Google, Yahoo and Bing or Not?

Your site is indexed on search engines mean that search engines such as GOOGLE, YAHOO and BING etc ( the ones for whose webmaster you have applied) , can crawl through the posts on your site and display them in their SERPs if they find the relevant content matching the search query of the user.

It is an important part of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as SEO will not be effective if your site is not being visible on the search engines.


Now to check if your site is indexed in google, bing and yahoo or not,there are three methods as follows:


  1. Webmaster Search Console:


  1. Go to and click on Search Console as shown below:google webmaster
  2. Sign into your google account. You will see the name of your website in the new page if you have registered your website in google webmasters, click on it to see some new fields in the left sidebar of the page as follows:webmaster sidebar
  3. Click on the field named Google Index, and then from the drop-down menu click on Index Status as shown:google index

If the number inside the box named Total Indexed is 0, then your site has not been indexed and if it is greater than 0, then your site has been indexed by google.indexing


Similarly, you can check the indexing status of your website in yahoo and bing as well.


  1. Using search parameter:


For all the three search engines, google, yahoo and bing type the following parameter in the search box: ( it may be prefixed with www , depending upon the domain that you have got registered ) and hit enter.

Let us consider the example of,

If we enter into google , you will get the results as follows:indexing


If we enter a site as shown below ,indexing

,the SERP results tell us that such a site is not indexed as it did not match any documents.

Thus, by using the same search parameter in yahoo and bing you can check for  if your site is indexed in these search engines or not.


  1. Using to check if the site is indexed:


In this method you just have to visit and enter your site’s url address in the box as landing page


Considering the example of ,after clicking enter, you will see a new page as follows:


Click on the link to view the indexing status of You will see the result as follows:indexing

Thus using any one of the three methods described above, you can check if your site is indexed in search engines or not. I hope this post was helpful. Incase of any query feel free to comment.