Hi there,


I am Anmol Duggal, a professional blogger from Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir, India.


I started this blog in January, 2016 as a hobby, but as it turns out it became more than that.


It changed from being just a hobby to learning and sharing new stuff about:


  1. Blogging
  2. WordPress
  3. Traffic Generation
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Making Money Online


Learning all this stuff was exciting as well as challenging.


So, I decided to share all my experiences and everything I learned while experimenting on my blog with you.


As the time went by, I developed this blog from just a hobby to a professional blog in order to help New Emerging Bloggers about How to Live The Laptop Lifestyle.


How anyone, LITERALLY ANYONE, who is willing to put in the time and efforts to learn the basics of blogging can start EARNING A LIVING through their respective blog.


I hope all the stuff you find here, helps clear any doubts you have and henceforth, takes you one step forward in your Blogging Journey.


Well, this was all about me.


What is your story?


Feel free to connect with me through my CONTACT PAGE.


Talk Soon.