simple steps to increase productivity of your blog

3 Simple Steps to Increase Productivity of Your Blog

I want to share something that actually happened with me a few days back. I had a seminar to host where I had to talk about the various ways to monetize your blog, effective tips and tricks to increase your earnings overnight by merely optimising ad placements on your blog, how to become rich from blogging by doing it the right way and not like other unprofessional blogs lurking over the web.

While doing my homework and research, preparing for the seminar, I realised that the way I was researching was not leading to any results for the final presentation which I had to prepare.


Thinking of the time and energy I had devoted and still the results were zero made me think the reasons behind this unproductiveness.


Usually in order to keep up with the pace of blogging, as there are many things to check,update,read or write, many of us turn to multitasking. We start responding to our text alerts in between, switch over to read the new emails that have arrived during our research, start responding to our tweets etc.

simple steps to increase productivity of your blog


In reality, what was actually happening with me was not multi-tasking. Rather it was task switching as while reading some topics on the web, I found an interlinked post and started reading it to learn more. Following the new post led me to another link for some more related topics.After almost half an hour I realised I had actually left behind my original topic and was reading something else. I could not focus on what I was reading as I was constantly attending to the notifications of various social apps , emails that were pinged to me.


As per the source – The Cost of Interrupted Work: More Speed and Stress, “After only 20 minutes of interrupted performance people reported significantly higher stress, frustration, workload, effort, and pressure.


This task switching can thus be very dangerous as “Although switch costs may be relatively small, sometimes just a few tenths of a second per switch can add up to large amounts when people switch repeatedly back and forth between tasks. Thus, multitasking may seem efficient on the surface but may actually take more time in the end and involve more error. Even brief mental blocks created by shifting between tasks can cost as much as 40 percent of someone’s productive time.”


Thus now I am going to talk about the 3 simple steps to increase productivity of your blog. This is possible by just one switch of mode, that is, from multi-tasking mode to single-tasking mode.

simple steps to increase productivity of your blog

1. Set your phones to be in Airplane Mode

As I mentioned, while blogging, may it be the research part or writing a post for your blog, there can be a lot of distractions due to your phone. Hence, to double your productivity and lessen your stress, set your phones to be in airplane mode.

2. Close down your email

Blogging can be hard at times as you need to concentrate and focus on how you want your message to be conveyed, choosing the right elements for your posts and so many other factors. This may sometimes lead our brain to go off the track by checking emails. Don’t let your brain get the easy way out by attending to emails.
This will help you to be more focused on what you want to achieve through your research and hence posts.

3. Save your distracting thoughts for later consideration

Many a time it happens that one idea for a blog leads to another and number of others follow and one gets off the track from the original idea which was intended to be worked upon.To prevent this from happening, we can always write down the new emerging thoughts. It may be on paper or a soft one on your computer or your phone so that they can be considered later and you could complete the post which you had started.

I hope all the 3 simple steps to increase productivity of your blog explained above help you by just dropping multi-tasking and taking on single tasking for improved focus and concentration in what you really want to do. Let us know if you use some other methods to increase the productivity of your blog.

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