The SEO trends keep on changing with time, therefore, we need to change the way we perform SEO on our sites. This post will describe you the latest 2016 SEO TRENDS.

The following is an index of all the 2016 SEO TRENDS we are going to talk about today:

  1. Social Media
  2. Videos
  3. Mobile Optimization
  4. Voice Search Function
  5. Content Aggregation
  6. Craze for Mobile Apps.
  7. Local SEO

Let us talk about all these points one by one.

1. Social Media Gained Value:

The following points tell you about how social media can be used to build a good social image and increase your search results in search engines:

a. Social links may or may not boost search ranks:

The links to your posts when shared on various social platforms may sometimes be counted by search algorithms of Google or other search engines, but to be confirmatory on the part, you need to build a very heavy social image, especially on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many other leading social platforms.

b. Social presence on search engines:

While social shares may or may not affect a webpage’s position in search listings, social profiles definitely influence the content of your search results. Hence, you should focus on building a good social image if you want your search results to improve through social platforms.

c. Social media as search engines:

Consider, for example, if we want to search for a company’s existence, the first thing we check for is its social profile, its fan following, what it offers etc. i.e. social engines works as search engines too, hence you can use social media platforms to promote yourself and your brand.

d. Don’t forget Bing:-

As Bing said, “we do look at the social authority of a user, we look at that how many people you follow, how many people follow you”. Thus this can add a little weight to the listing in regular search results.


  1. Sign-up in different Social Platforms, such as, Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  2. Always fill all social accounts with the same details, do not even change the phone number or else you will be dropped from Google.
  3. Join social communities related to your blog’s niche.
  4. Make social pages and target audience related to your blog’s niche, the communities you joined before can help you to find audience for your social pages.
  5. Take your friend’s help and try increasing the number of shares of your social pages posts.
  6. Develop a new social image for your social ranking, deleting the past.

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2. Videos Rule: 

The following facts describe about how videos will work effectively to improve your search results as per the 2016 SEO Trends.

  1. Larger number of videos improve the ranking of your page in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page).
  2. Videos get 50 times better organic page ranks in Google as against plain static test results.
  3. Video searches gain 41% higher click through rate.

3. Mobile Optimization has become crucial:

As the facts suggest that almost half of the internet traffic in this world comes from the mobile devices, therefore the need for mobile optimization has become very crucial accoring to the 2016 SEO Trends.

  1. From Colors to Fonts, Content to Logo Design, everything should be mobile optimized.
  2. Responsive themes must be used.

4. Voice Search Function

As per the 2016 SEO Trends, the sites should have a voice search function installed on them for more easy navigation through it. Content should be easily searchable through voice search and to make that possible long tail keywords and tags will help. Installing the voice search function can be done using various plugins available on the internet.

5. Content Aggregation

Creating and arranging great content, all in one place, is what content aggregation means. Redirection helps a lot in content aggregation. The redirection can be done by interlinking various related posts on your website, thus not allowing your visitor to move out of your website hence increasing the chances of generating more revenue out of your site.

6. Craze for Mobile Apps

This 2016 SEO Trend is self explanatory and is linked to the third SEO trend we have talked about that most of the internet surfing today takes place through mobile devices. This has increased the craze for mobile apps in users as to get their desired content all at one place thus improving your site stats.

Why does your Website must have a Mobile application???

The answer is as follows:

  1. Most of the links we share are opened through Social messengers, walls, timelines, referrals etc.
  2. Mobile phones in counting have the biggest number of users in the world.
  3. To earn affiliate income from the websites providing affiliate and shifted on mobile apps, your personalized mobile app would be helpful.

7. Local SEO has become important

The Process to perform Local SEO includes the following steps:

  1. Local Citation Correction:

Make sure your business is listed accurately and appropriately on the web.

  1. Local Content & Relation building:

Optimize your content and external links for local reference. Post articles regarding (& include name of) your city, neighborhood or region, in your blog titles & make sure your content is relevant to that situation.

  1. Local Reviews and Ongoing Management:

Encourage visitors or customers to post reviews for you by guiding them and tracking them to famous review sites. Yelpme.com could be used for startup.

To Conclude:

  1. Expand your presence on social media.

  2. Insert videos of your business in your content to get number 1 page rank in Google and other leading search engines.

  3. The better SEO strategy you choose, the more benefits you will get.

  4. Create fresh and quality content to share across social platforms.

Taking care of all these points while performing SEO on your site and your posts will definitelty help improving your social image, increase the chances of ranking through social media platforms and hence increase the traffic on your blog along with better search results.

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