10 Amazing Features of Jetpack that Aid in Increasing Blog Throughput

Maintaining a blog can sometimes be very hectic as there is so much to do to provide a good environment to its readers. A number of basic tasks need to be performed such as customizing your blog design, keep a check on spelling and grammar, monitor your site stats etc.


There is a WordPress plugin to perform almost every task that you can think of, on your blog. You may install all of them to accomplish what you desire to do but setting up all the plugins and maintaining each one of them can cause problems such as incompatibility between the plugins, increase in page load times, a decrease in site performance, lower google page ranks etc.


To avoid these problems and many others, here I will talk about the 10 Amazing Features of Jetpack that help in improving blog efficiency.


I have talked about What is Jetpack and Why should you install it at once in one of my posts and there I had talked about a name given to Jetpack, “Mother of All Plugins”. The tremendous amount of features that this plugin provides has given it this name by the blogging community.


So let’s now move on to the list of the 10 Amazing Features of Jetpack:

  1. Photon


Among the various modules in Jetpack, one of the most highly acclaimed is Photon – free CDN from Automattic.


10 Amazing Features of Jetpack


Photon serves your post’s images and featured images from the WordPress Network Grid. Using a CDN is always beneficial as it helps to save a lot of bandwidth and increases your site performance and Jetpack here is providing you the CDN for free.


  1. Carousel


One of the most effective ways to grab your visitor’s attention is by the use of images, as they say, “An image is equivalent to 1024 words”.


If you use more than a few images in your blog posts, you can use the Carousel module by Jetpack. It turns your standard photo galleries into immersive, full-screen experience.


  1. Tiled Galleries


10 Amazing Features of Jetpack


Tiled Galleries, by Jetpack, proves helpful in beautifying your post’s content and provides a rich viewing environment to your visitor.


  1. Publicize


Most of the bloggers always keep on thinking about content creation but the truth is that creating content is just 20% of the part to make your content a success. The remaining 80% is about promoting your content and what better way than promoting it on social media.




Publicize lets you establish connections to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Path and Google+ accounts. Once you hit the publish button, your post is automatically shared in your social media profiles.


So now you can focus on creating content and the promotion will be done by Jetpack.


  1. Sharing Buttons


Though there are various other plugins that provide sharing buttons with beautiful design layouts, this module by Jetpack deserves a special mention simply because of the sheer number of sharing channels available.

10 Amazing Features of Jetpack

You can easily change the order of how the buttons should be displayed on your posts and pages. You can also enable or disable if only social icons should be displayed or the text or both.


  1. Mobile Theme


WordPress has a theme repository with almost an infinite number of free themes to use. To display an even layout of your blog on various screen sizes (tablets, smartphones, etc) the theme installed should be responsive.


Mobile Theme


A couple of great free themes out there aren’t exactly mobile responsive and if you are not willing to spend money on a customized theme you can use the Mobile Theme module of Jetpack. When your site is loaded in a mobile device, Jetpack simply overwrites whatever theme you’re using and uses a clean blue mobile theme – one which focuses on readability and is beautifully minimalistic in design.


  1. Infinite Scroll


The infinite scroll module by Jetpack allows visitors to keep on scrolling until you run out of posts. This definitely improves user experience but on the downside, page views and click-rate decreases.


  1. Site Stats


Site Stats is the Jetpack’s awesome power to display the number of visitors to your site using graphs (precisely histograms). It also shows you the link origins, internal clicks, search engine terms, referrers etc.


10 Amazing Features of Jetpack


These stats let you analyze your traffic better until you are using Google Analytics yet as setting up Google Analytics requires validating your site and optionally install a plugin to monitor analytics. But with Jetpack, none of this matters.






This Jetpack module allows you to have the traditional method of commenting but the added bonus is that your visitors can even comment using their Facebook or Twitter or WordPress.com account that helps speeding up commenting.


  1. Contact Form


Contact Form


Getting feedback from your visitor can be done using blog comments but the contact form feature by Jetpack provides a more personal touch as it requires email which you can get easily using a contact form. There is no need to install any other plugin for that.


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The Mother of All Plugins – Jetpack, is undoubtedly one of the most useful plugins out there. Jetpack’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it’s like a whole bunch of plugins in one, and it’s completely free.

Following is a checklist of the 10 Amazing Features of Jetpack that Aid in Increasing Blog Throughput:

  1. Photon -free CDN by Automattic
  2. Carousel
  3. Tiled Layouts
  4. Publicize
  5. Sharing Buttons
  6. Mobile Theme
  7. Infinite Scroll
  8. Site Stats
  10. Contact Form

Using all these features will definitely improve your blog’s productivity. Incase of any query or suggestion feel free to comment or contact me via email.


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